Light Dep Motor

  • 24 volt DC motors comes with built in limit switches
  • Excellent reliabilty Ideal for greenhouse ventilation ,light deprivation and blackout systems
  • Greenhouse curtain motor dual Roll-up Unit for up to 190 feet long

Light Dep Motor Watts
  • The machine is light in weight and small in size, so it's very easy to carry wherever you go.
  • Excellent reliabilty Ideal for greenhouse ventilation, light deprivation and blackout systems. Setting the limit switches on hoophouse roll up ventilation motors, electricl roll up winch.
  • Roll Size: 100m / 328ft; Revolution: 40R; Power: 100W; Voltage: 24V; Speed: 2.8RPM; Rated Current: 3.6A; Torque: 100N.m; Protection Class: IP66; Package size: 24cm x 16cm x 12cm (9.4''x 6.3'' x 4.7''); Package weight: 3.1kg / 6.8lbs.
  • This greenhouse electric film Roller has a 24V 100W motor, fit for most of your film ventilation roll up work.
  • The electric roll-up motor for greenhouse is used extensively in greenhouse such as the solar greenhouse, vegetable greenhouse, breeding greenhouses, flower greenhouses, connecting film greenhouses, fruit greenhousesgreenhouse and other assembled greenhouse.

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