Choosing a Location for Your Structure

You will definitely want to consider the path of the sun when you build your structure. If the location you choose is shady you will want to cut in some light. I recommend topping your trees not removing them. Or move your structure to a sunnier spot. The goal is to give your plants 12 hours ofgreat sun so keep that in mind when you choose your location.

Preplanning your structure and working on your layout will speed up the construction process. Spend the time thinking and planning the location of the structure and how you are going to build it. You will run into snags when building your structure no matter how much you plan ahead. Do you want to spend your time out in the field trying to figure out those snags? Or do you want to sit at home and plan ahead to avoid those snags?

Greenhouse: DIY vs Kit


Suppose we are building a 40 foot by 10 foot hoop house. We are going to use 20 foot lengths of 1 inch Schedule 40 (that is a measurement of die pipe wall thickness) PVC spaced at 4 foot intervals. So we divide 40 feet by 4 feet and we get 10. So that means we need 10 ribs, right? Wrong. We need 11 ribs because you need an extra one for the starting location. So we need 11 pieces of PVC for the ribs and 22 pieces of rebar for the anchors for the ribs. For the purlins we divide 40 feet by 20 feet, which gives us 2. So we need 2 pieces of PVC for the purlins. That’s a total of 13 pieces of PVC.