Control the sunlight, with light deprivation.

By managing the plant's available photo period.

The light deprivation or “light dep” technique allows you to control the hours of light your outdoor cannabis plants receive. When you trick your plants into thinking that the shorter light periods of autumn are beginning, they will speed up the flowering process. The benefit of this is that you can make your plants flower at will. This will allow you to achieve two or more outdoor harvests per season! When your plants are budding in summer as opposed to fall, this can have even more advantages. Let’s take a closer look at light deprivation for cannabis and how to make use of it for a better harvest.

Can Improve Yields

Although each harvest is smaller than it would be with one standard outdoor harvest, the overall yields for the year end up being the same or even larger with two harvests. This may be partly due to the fact that a second set of plants is being prepared vegetatively indoors while the first one is maturing under the sun. That means you have plants using sunlight to make buds continuously during the entire summer and fall, instead of only during late summer and fall. You get to use more of the overall light in a grow season for bud growth.

Better Overall Bud Quality

The outdoor commercial growers found smaller outdoor plants tend to produce higher quality bud than huge multiple-pound outdoor plants. The smaller plants are also less likely to suffer from bud rot or other types of mold. By splitting one harvest into two a year, they’ve found you end up with overall better bud quality on average.


How Light Dep Works